[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsjSjHuDIJ8[/embed] Let's start with fun, interesting stuff!  You know Fun Stuff - one of Andy's teammates had a friend come to a few practices and film them with his helicopter drone (I think it has  technical name, but oh well.) The video is his edited version. I think he did a great job with the music and speeding up and slowing down the video.  Andy is in there.  In some of the shots he is the second seat from the "front" of the boat and in others he is the fourth seat from the "front." (And we will never tell Andy that I called it the "front" of the boat.) In some shots he is wearing a long sleeved navy t-shirt and others he skipped the shirt - gotta love Florida winters!  I'll stick a picture in here somewhere of his face to help you find him if you want. (The picture is a couple of paragraphs below - just add about 20 lbs and 3") UNCLE!!! There I said it!  I'm serious because I said a sort-of swear word. 8) Lots of writing and rowing and geometry and all the rest. I feel like I still have four kids at home. It's all good but, it feels like there is barely room to breathe lately.

Danny is on spring break. He's in Michigan with his fiancee. He had a real, grown up job interview on Friday. Everyone cross your fingers. (And, how is it possible that someone will hire my "baby" as an engineer? It seems like only a few weeks ago he thought taking a jump shot from the top of the Suburban was a good idea.) Tim is in Chicago for a few days getting paid to take pictures. He and Dan are both learning the hard way that it's not really cold when the temperature drops below 70.  Tim landed in Chicago to 15 degrees in a pair of Bermuda shorts and a sweatshirt. I tried to tell him.  As far as I know, Ian is in Tallahassee working this weekend. He's working and "schooling" and planning a trip to Iceland this summer. What is up with my kids and cold weather?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAndy's rowing season started this morning. We were up and out the door at 5:30 am to head to Tampa. Like all the other parents, Mike and I listened to the news last night. It was supposed to be Florida-chilly this morning and then super-nice by mid-morning. LIARS!!!!  We, along with the rest of the team parents, spent the first two hours huddled in the random stuff we could pull out of our cars. Only one parent was prepared and, man, was he prepared. He had his canopy, a camp heater, a camp stove for oatmeal/coffee/hot chocolate, cold weather sleeping bags and a bag of random hats. I've asked to be adopted into that family - still waiting for an answer. It was sooooo cold and windy.  The kids were fine because they usually run between races and don't sit long enough to get cold. And from now to the late middle of June,

Andy has regattas.  The two weekends he has "off" (ish) are the weekend I'm in Costa Rica and the weekend Danny graduates from Florida State.  The weekend after nationals in June (assuming his boat gets there) is the weekend before Dan's wedding. It's chaos!  I have no pictures from today because I was cold and, well, I was really cold. I could not face going down close to the water.  Luckily, you'll be seeing pictures every weekend from now on. ;)

Still planning on Costa Rica. My passport papers (en route to the people who will walk it through for me) got stuck in Memphis due to weather. I will say the people I've talked to at FedEx are very nice but all they can tell me is that all my paperwork is on a truck that left Memphis. Not terribly inspiring. Say a little prayer to the FedEX/passport saints that it will get there by Monday.  At the rate I'm working, my passport should be stamped in gold. It gets more expensive with each passing day.

Okay, I have delayed writing articles I don't want to write and doing the laundry as long as possible. I hope everything is going well on your planet!