20150314_174150 This past weekend was the OARS (Orlando Area Rowing Society) Regatta. It's the biggest fundraiser for Andy's rowing team. It's a big event and this year was by far the biggest. Between early Friday to late Sunday, me, Mike and the other parents have been lifting, hauling and everything in between to allow our team to host 39 other teams for the weekend. It amazes me what parents can and will do to help their kids keep doing what they love. On Friday, there were huge, gusting winds as we were setting up tents for different areas. One guy was actually lifted off the ground as we were tryin20150314_173847g to secure the tent. Mike, who was working with the parking division made friends with parents from all over who were driving giant trailers loaded with boats and bus drivers pulling in with loads of sleepy rowers. I am sore and tired but happy. Mike is sore, slightly wounded and snoring.  It was a fun weekend despite the challenges that hosting an extra 10 teams presented - we had a team from Rhode Island!

Andy was in three races. His boats won a silver medal in two races and a bronze in the third race. I think they were awesome. But, I'm just Mom.  Andy is disgusted that the one race was lost by .09  or 9/100ths of a second. I can't blame him. I guess the boys will be ready to work harder before the next race? I wonder how he'll feel when he looks back in 20 or 30 years.

Me? I had fun getting to know some of the other parents and getting to match parents to kids. Plus there was good food. Can't go wrong when there are sandwiches and brownies for the asking. Not to mention ginger ale - I don't know who stocked the volunteer coolers but that person is my new favorite person.

I think because Andy is our last kid everything he is involved with seems bittersweet to me.  I appreciate how young and remarkable the kids are in a way I didn't with our older kids. I'm not a terribly sentimental person and I'm not prone to bursting into tears - until lately. It's all going so fast and I know it's the last time for me and wahhhh!!!!!

Still - look how awesome Andy and his teammates are - the wee girl is their coxswain, Lena. I want to be Lena when I grow up.  She's the toughest, most confident person I've met in a long time.