The Adventure Begins!

20150322_004613For most of you, you will be reading this as I sit with my mom in the Miami airport waiting to leave for Costa Rica. For NINE days. Costa Rica is a small country and nine days might be a long time but, that's what we're doing. I will not have my family, laundry, a house, rowing practice or homeschooling to take care of so I intend to blog about the whole trip. My main reason for blogging will be for others who are faced with seemingly insurmountable dental bills and are considering traveling to Costa Rica to have work done. I am your guinea pig!  Oink! Since being married and having kids, I have only taken a two long weekends away.  I know!!!!  In twenty four years. I feel brave doing this (maybe not brave as I'm bringing my mom for moral support - but kind of brave.) I am grateful to my parents and to our friends who are helping me do this while keeping my family's life on a sort of normal schedule.

The picture is a gift from an old friend. Her daughter was quick to point out that they had to go to the "old people" section of Party City to find it.  Ahhh.  I'm going to keep it on my nightstand.  My sister sent me one of a pair of small blue glass hearts. I have that in my pocket to serve as my "worry" stone while the worst of the dental work is done.  I'd rather have my sister join us but this is good too.

Stay tuned!