Day One - We Travel

20150304_143024 (1)Okay, it sounds like we're taking a caravan on a month-long journey. Here is my scary passport photo - who has the "old" eraser app? In reality, my mom and I took a 1/2 hour flight from Orlando to Miami. We waited an hour and then went from Miami to San Jose, Costa Rica in a about   2 1/2 hours.  Life is rough, I know. We did wait for what felt like forever going through customs in San Jose but, I think it had more to do with the gigantic band/murder/clutch of high school girls next to us than any issues with customs. Man, high school girls are amazing talkers!  I guess I was one once upon a time but, I'm really doubting I ever had that much energy. When we finally emerged from customs, the driver, Javier,  from CRDS was there waving at us. We also got to meet the owner, Ken Kaldenbach. I kind of flipped out before the trip and I think Ken thought he should meet me and find out if I was truly unstable.  ;)  We drove up and down and in circles and I only screamed once - and he was a good driver!!!  Florida is flat. San Jose is in the mountains. If you're not used to hills be prepared to hold your breath while driving. (This from a girl who grew up in Pittsburgh!) I liked having someone else drive for once in my life.

20150322_135852We got to the hotel. The driver stayed to make sure our rooms were all set. They were. They're really nice. CRDS had a fruit plate and a nice note waiting for us too.  I don't think the hotel is brand new, but it's been remodeled and the rooms are comfy and spotlessly clean. The people that work here are friendly and ready to help.  It's now 12:48 CR time and the nice desk manager gladly made me a new key after my old one wouldn't work after I went out in search of caffeine, walked me to my room and gave me a weather report while we walked! (If you care, he was really cute too - gah! 5 points from the Baker House for being a dirty old lady.)

We ate lunch in the hotel. It was pretty good. Our server was not happy that I did not eat everything but I did not feel like I had enough command of Spanish (think Sesame Street) to convey to her that I was not being rude, I just can't chew and that's why I'm here. We headed back to our rooms and unpacked. I had some writing to do, my mom took a nap and then we went out. I defy you to figure out where we went. Seriously, God has a sense of humor.  Where (besides driving Andy to rowing) do I20150322_183758 spend all my time?  Yep. right (sort of ) across the street from our hotel is a freaking Wal Mart!  Are you kidding me? I got a passport (at great effort and I even fell through a ceiling to do that) so I could be across the street from a WalMart? And, because I'm me, I dragged my mom to Walmart.  We picked up wine, chips and other iessentials.  Did I mention we took a taxi? Taxi driver was also cute but I am certain he over-charged us for a total of six minutes of driving. And? I don't care that much. For the record? Walmart is the same everywhere. Though I must say I did not see anyone yell at their kids tonight and I did not see anyone wearing actual pajamas.  Score one for San Jose.

After Wal Mart we unpacked the groceries and watched some Harry Potter in Spanish - which was surprisingly fun. Wine might have played a part in that fun. Still. Harry Potter? We ate dinner at the hotel because we're lazy. My mom had the most beautiful dinner - lovely fresh fish with veggies and potatoes.  I received a raw cheeseburger and an absent waiter. Honestly? I don't care - I ate fries and the burger would have been too much.

Tomorrow, a driver will come get me (and my mom because she's my mom and moms go with their kids to the dentist - even if the kids are nearly 50! I have the best mom ever!)  at 8:45 (10:45 my normal time) and the magic Costa Rican dentist will start making my mouth normal again.  I'm actually excited - yep, l am excited for root canals.

20150323_001855I am grateful that my mom is here with me. I am grateful to my neighbor, Vanessa, who stayed up late and helped me sort through what I should or should not pack. I am grateful to Lori and her daughter Katie for the goofy teeth.  I'm grateful to my sister, Lynne, for the little blue glass heart that is now on my night table and will be in my pocket tomorrow morning. And, I am grateful to all of my imaginary friends who make things so real.  I'll try to make this real for you!

Okay - I am exhausted.  I will share more tomorrow. Hopefully I will have better pictures.