Day Two - It Begins

Went to meet my new dentist this morning. Needless to say I more than a little nervous. I shouldn't have been. The dentist and endodontist and all of the staff at Nova were amazing. By noon, I had had x-rays, a consultation, two root canals, two posts for crowns and no discomfort.  After a short break, the dentist did two big fillings, molds for the crowns and two other things I don't remember. My teeth already look and feel better! We were done around three and my mom and I went to get something to eat.  I actually ATE!  Once back in the hotel, the stress of all of this hit me and I promptly crashed for two and a half hours. I go back tomorrow for some more fillings and a cleaning.  I'm not even dreading it.

So far, so good!  I am still exhausted so I'm going to keep this short and go back to sleep.  Look for pictures and something more entertaining tomorrow!