Day 5

20150326_164502After having Day 4 off from the dentist, we slept in on Day 5 and puttered around the hotel until my appointment. (This is one view from the dentist's office. The hotel is the Courtyard Marriott - this would have been a better choice for us - lots of shops and restaurants in walking distance.) When we got to the dentist,  I went right back with no waiting - again!!! Thursday was digging out four old fillings and putting in pretty new white ones.  Every time I got in to the chair, the dentist (and endodontist) would ask if I preferred them to speak English during whatever they were doing or if I was okay with them speaking Spanish to each other. While everyone's English was very good, I'd much rather they use the language they are most comfortable with while drilling and digging and scraping.  So, they would give me a remote control for the television in the ceiling.  (And, over the course of a week, I learned a lot of dental Spanish! I don't know how useful that will be in my life but, it was kind of fun.)

The dentist was a "close dentist." He gets right into your face trying to get every bit of old filling out and checking details. However, I learned he's also a bit of a news junky - like me.  He'd practically have his head inside my mouth and something on the television would attract his attention.  He would just spin his head and we'd talk about the news (well, I mostly drooled and mumbled with all the novacaine). The whole time, his head was just inches from my mouth.  It cracked me up.  His assistant, the adorable/gorgeous "Yacky" (her name was Jackie but he said it as "Yacky" which made me laugh every time.) This young woman was way too beautiful to be called "Yacky" and, yet, she never flinched.

In an hour, I was a drooling idiot with four gorgeous white fillings - my mouth has been filled with silver since I was 10. I went out to pay (When this all started, I put in a $250 deposit.  After that, I only paid for what was done each day. They deduct the deposit from the total.) I asked the stunning receptionist, Kelly, to call a taxi.  (Seriously, there are no ugly people in Costa Rica.) I found my mom and we went to wait for the taxi. And wait. And wait. Just not our day for taxis. Kelly finally called again and they found me and Bing sitting outside of Hooter's (too bizarre - hindsight, I wish we had gotten a couple of Hooter's tank tops as souvenirs).

20150326_214853After nearly four solid days of dental work, I crashed when we go to the hotel. It takes a lot more out of a person than I had considered. I was really exhausted and my mouth was really sore. (Not sore like it was before I got here, but sore from holding my mouth open for hours at a time and sore from the shots and the general manipulation.)  My poor mom - I wasn't much fun.

We decided to go across the highway to PF Chang's for dinner. It ended up being one of the best meals we had in Costa Rica. Everything was fresh and beautifully prepared. The restaurant itself is really lovely, there is outside seating and we enjoyed watching the soccer game with locals.  (I still don't really get soccer but, it was fun being around people who do!)

The cab ride home was bizarre and I think the driver was trying to take advantage - he went to the wrong Wyndham after repeating the exact name of our hotel. My mom and I were talking in the cab and not paying attention so we were at fault as well.  We argued a bit when we finally got to the right hotel and he dropped his rate. Pay attention and learn to count beyond 10 in Spanish (things I wish I had known).  Anyway, delicious dinner and my mom and I had a great night.