Day Six

P1010103 (1)We decided to spend the morning in downtown San Jose before heading to my final appointment on Friday. I woke up excited to get this all finished. We got a later start than we planned - there may have been wine and bad television involved.  We took the hotel shuttle downtown. Yikes! Traffic was insane. Our plan was to visit the Teatro Nacionale, have lunch and go to the dentist. Right. We arrived at the start of some kind of school band contest.  We stood in the plaza and watched a few marching bands do their thing. In the meantime, my ability to attract the strangest people was on high. This man approached us, selling, of all things, dish towels.  I told him no.  He was fine with that. He proceeded to talk to me - I'm not sure it was Spanish - for a long time. I tried to smile and nod and he would laugh and pat my arm and point and tell me more. I do wish I knew what he told me - he was really excited and happy about it.

We finally crossed through the bands and into the theater. Closed for lunch. We decided to wander around the marketplace and head back to the theater later. There's a chance we took a few wrong turns and maybe got way lost. See older blog posts for our "adventures for those without a sense of direction."  We detoured a few times. US Postal Service, you definitely beat Costa Rica. (Don't get too proud - that's not saying much) Cool old building, though. We stopped in a beautiful cathedral all shined up and ready for Holy Week. We never did get lunch or good directions back to the theater. Instead we caught a cab and figured we could eat at one of the restaurants around the dentist's office.

Or not. Not to stereotype but you know the deal with men not asking directions. This apparently applies to cab drivers as well. Our cab driver spoke NO English. I showed him the address from one of the dental invoices and he nodded enthusiastically and proceeded to NOT go to the right place. Finally, he pulled out his phone and called (I could see his screen) his Uncle Johnathon.  Uncle Johnathon is the uncle who is the dispatcher for a cab company who hired his idiot nephew. Fortunately, Uncle Johnathon spoke decent English.  After about 1/2 hour we landed at our destination with five minutes to spare. (60+ minutes later - we were hot, tired and stressed).  I tried to work out payment with the driver and ended up talking to Uncle Johnathon again (what did we do without cell phones?).  We paid and the driver handed me his phone again. Uncle Johnathon wanted to know if I would like to meet him for drinks on Saturday night.  Seriously?? A taxi/weird dating service. I hope I declined politely.

I went into the dentist's office. My mom sat outside with her book to decompress from a really weird morning/afternoon. Two crowns and the last filling later we were out of there!  We went back to the hotel and took naps. Have I mentioned how awesome the beds in our hotel were? Soooo awesome. I'm normally a sleeping spaz - all over the bed and always twisted up in the blankets. In this hotel? I would wake up in the same place I started - I never woke during the night. I already miss that bed.

My mouth was amazingly sore so we ate in the hotel. Well, my mom ate, I drank wine. Medicinally, of course. We planned our next three free days and got everything confirmed.  We went to bed early so we could be up at 5:45 to be ready for our turismo bus at 6:40.  Stay tuned!