Day 7?

20150328_084158I think I got a day ahead - after my last dental appointment we did three days of tours in a row. It's a grueling way way to see a country, but dammit we did it.  The first day of tours we were on the bus by 6:30 am.  If you've read my blog for any length of time you know my mom is a saint because she had to come scare me out of bed. I'm not a morning person. It's not even like I'm a groggy morning person - I'm just flat out mean. And, after sleeping in the angel cloud of my hotel bed, I was extra horrible. There are not enough coffee beans in the world to change this. Saturday was our first tour day. We hopped on a bus to see three things:  1) A coffee plantation 2) a volcano crater and 3)a garden of waterfalls.  This was a great tour. We arrived early at the coffee plantation and were given a terrific breakfast in an open air restaurant. I was not much into food - my teeth were sore. But a nice young man helped me track down a Diet Coke (Coke Light in CR) and I wandered around while everyone else ate. No Diet Coke lectures please. I've cut down soooo much. Still, the bubbles and the awesome glass bottle made me very happy as the rest of our group sampled coffee.

20150328_082353It was fun to see how coffee grows and how it is harvested. Honestly, though, you could have told me anything and I would have been content. it was absolutely beautiful.

20150328_104926 We got back on the bus and headed to Poas Volcano.  There is a lake on top of the crater of this volcano. The first volcano we visited was a visit from afar. This one was up close and personal. I was not prepared for how stunning it was. While the rain forest parts of CR left me "meh" because they were so similar to home, the mountain regions amazed me. My mom was teasing me about the volcano because as a 6-8 year old I was terrified of volcanoes. I was convinced one was going to pop up in our Pittsburgh neighborhood.  I barely slept through those years - setting a lifelong pattern. Faced, many years late with an actual volcano, I was just fine - fascinated actually.

And, it was back on the bus to visit the waterfall gardens.  The day just got better and better. The La Paz Waterfall Gardens were amazing. We started in the beautiful buildings that housed birds and other rescue animals. The animals were on display because they could not for one reason or another live in the wild. I skipped the birds which freaked out our tour guide. Everything we did from that point on he asked me if I was too scared.  He actually flapped his arms to show me how terrifying butterflies are.  Waaahhhh.

20150328_150616But, the best part of La Paz was the waterfalls.  We climbed and climbed (my phone registered over 17,000 steps for the day) and it was totally worth it to see the gushing water and the views of the water and jungle below.  We were wiped out after this tour.

When we got back, I got some ice for my mom's ankle - weird kink in it when she goes down stairs. Neither of us could face the idea of going out for dinner. I took a taxi to Walmart (just across the highway) and picked up wine, olives, cheese, and bread for dinner. We vegged in front of a really terrible horror movie and relived the highlights of the day before hitting the sack to be up and on the next bus by 6:45 the next day.  Stay tuned.

Best hotel dinner ever!!!!