Day NIne!!!!!

20150330_091911We were up again bright and early Monday morning - ready for our zip line tour. The night before our adorable tour guide told us she was leading our group the following day.  My mom just squeezed my arm and we both smiled. We really liked her as a person. As a tour guide, (and an  English tour guide at that) she sucked. Imagine our delight and surprise when we got on the van in the morning to learn there was only the driver!! After so many tours we appreciated his grunts of "church," "farm" and "twenty more minutes." We had a fun group in the van - parents with a 10 year-old son, a mom and her daughters 12 and 27, and a business man looking to kill a day.  I wonder how they'd describe me and my mom? This tour had no breakfast but we did stop half way at a little convenience store/souvenir shop.  By then we were up into the mountains and it was cold. I bought an outrageously expensive sweatshirt (because I do wear sweatshirts a lot at home) and gave my mom my jacket. The jacket was more stylish but, the sweatshirt had pockets. Woot! I win! Sorry,being petty.  (But, it should be noted that in the end, I came home with the sweatshirt and the jacket.)

20150330_091847Upon unloading from the bus we were quickly attached to a group of handsome young men and one girl photographer.  They "saddled" us up, gave us a few quick lessons and started us on  a  journey that included 14 zip lines. Count this as the only time I've been happy I wore spandex leggings (yes, Melissa, I KNOW these do not qualify as real pants!).  Loaded up with an extra 10 or so pounds of gear, we headed into the "jungle."

Living in Orlando - with kids of working age - I get how mundane even the most fun tourist job can become. Our guides were awesome. If they were bored, they did not show it. They were as goofy and enthusiastic as we, "the people of the bus" were. They made every zipline fun and easy. It even started to feel normal to have two or even three people threading ropes and clipping things around your hips and naughty bits. ;)

I loved the zip lines - short and long. More in our group REALLY LOVED the Tarzan Swing and the grand finale, the Superman Zipline. I have video somewhere and I'll share it if I can. In the meantime,how cool is it that  I got to go ziplining with my mom???