Yes, it has been forever!

[embed][/embed] It's officially June 20.  Danny is getting married tomorrow. (Happy 51st Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!!  Thanks for sharing your anniversary.)    I cannot believe it's here already. Things have been crazy busy since I got back from Costa Rica.  The good news is, my teeth work again and, WOW, did I miss food.  Since then, it's been all wedding all the time.  I have lots of thoughts on weddings - big, small and Vegas.  That's for another time.  The rehearsal dinner was really fun last night.  It's so weird to feel like I'm still 20-something and to be in the room with actual 20-something people. Mike, my sister and my brother all felt the same way.  Yeah.  we're sooooo not 20-something - in the south you say "Bless their little hearts."  And, in this instance, I actually mean it.

After the rehearsal, I played the role of fraternity house mom (the young men went out for a bachelor's party).  All I will share is that UBER is amazing and a bunch of nerdy guys going out for a late night of drinking is never going to end well.  Up side?  They all owe me.  Yikes.  And, Mike defied the laws of nature and slept through it all.

Anyway ... please wish Dan and the-girl-that-is-a-friend and my soon-to-be daughter-in law (at last a girl!!!!)  Christi, the best on their new journey.  I guess they're as stoopid as any of us were when we got married.  Still, I'm hoping for no bumps or hard times for them.  And, now I'm all ferklempt.  Pass the tissues.  I promise pictures soon.