Eeek! I'm a mother-in-law!

wedding shoesDan and Christi got married this past Saturday.  It is now Wednesday night and I finally feel human again. Last week was full of love, fun of people, food, fun and more than a little wine. People started coming on Wednesday. We put Mike's parents to work as soon as they walked in the door Wednesday evening. Thursday was getting an Italian dinner together for 35 people. We held the party at my parents' house. I owe my neighbor, Vanessa, a huge debt for helping me get thing ready on time. It was close!!!  The rehearsal party was fun and relaxed. Well, Christi wasn't totally relaxed - she was trying to break in her wedding shoes and my feet hurt just watching her walk around. I went20150618_204313 barefoot on her behalf.  I was able to give Dan and Christi a peek at the quilt I've been making for them.  It's not finished but, they'll have it in Michigan before it gets cold.

Following the rehearsal dinner, Dan, Tim, and Ian met a bunch of their friends at our house to be picked up by Uber cars for a bachelor party. (Andy was the best man - but 15 is a little young for a bachelor party!) All I will say is God bless Uber and air mattresses. Everyone slept here that night and I am so very glad the wedding was not for another day.  The next morning, I had nine sad, hungover young men cleaning my bathrooms and kitchen. Not a bad trade for the extra laundry and the late night. ;) Lucky for them, I was not mean enough to take pictures.

Friday night we had Mike's parents, a couple of the boys' friends and some neighbors over for fajitas and last minute brainstorming over checklists anPART_1434830479038_.IMG_20150620_160101d forgotten details. And, then, poof! It was Saturday. We met my mom, my sister, Mike's parents, Christi's grandparents and the wedding coordinator at the site at 3:00 p.m.  I also had some of the boys' friends to help.  There was a lot to set up - a wedding backdrop and arch.  I made the backdrop and wasn't too sure if it would hold up.  Christi's grandma was putting together a beautiful will arch with fresh flowers. The boys were in charge of putting all the cookies out for the c20150620_154447ookie table (it's a Pittsburgh thing - Christi's parents and I are from Pittsburgh).  My mom and Mike's mom made it pretty.  Meanwhile, Mike was giving the bartender instructions on the signature drinks and explaining the bar thing.  There was much loading and unloading.  In an old house on the property, the bridal party was getting dressed and photographed. I kept Christi's mom up-to-date taking and texting pictures.

We had just about finished setting up when I got a text that Danny had lost a button on his tux.  It pays to be hyper-organized sometimes - everyone teased me for packing a mini-sewing kit. I grabbed my sewing kit, donned my cape and sewed the button right back on!  Whew!  The sky was getting dark and the wind was blowing and guests were calling to say the rain was terrible and they might be late. In the end, everything worked out. The pastor did a beautiful job with the service.  Dan and Christi both were glowing and so confident that I didn't even cry.It all seemed too right! 

More pictures, happy hour, a delicious dinner and the party got started. There was dancing, laughing, lots of catching up and eventually cake! The Dancing with Dantoasts were heartfelt and lovely - mostly.  Mike and I had been worried about Andy's toast but he refused to share beforehand. We worried for a reason. One of the key points of Andy's toast was that Dan was less of an asshole (his word!) since meeting Christi.  :::sigh::: Everyone laughed, though. I felt better when, later, the pastor told me that Andy was a rock star among little brothers. Ummm . . . okay. More dancing.  When Dan asked what song I wanted for our mother/son dance I just told him to pick something not boring.  He rose to the occasion. Nothing like a little Violent Femmes to kick off the night! Luckily no video has surfaced. The photographer did get one image.  



rainbow weddingAround 8:00 pm, the photographer grabbed Dan and Christi and took them outside for some last pictures. Soon nearly everyone was outside looking at the amazing rainbow.  I can't think of a better start for a better couple.


If you're on Facebook, you can view some other photos at the photographer's, Jenna Michelle Photography, page.  She did an amazing job!