And the beat goes on . . .

[embed][/embed]Last week at this time, I was unloading the car after Danny and Christi's wedding. We had extra people sleeping here. I had about 50 towels and a whole hamper of random clothing to wash.  There was music and munching on leftovers and everyone telling their version of the wedding experience. So much fun. So many crazy memories!  Everyone wish Dan and Christi a happy one week anniversary!!!! Sunday was goodbye day and eat leftovers day.  And then it was back on the trail.  There was work for Mike, rowing for Andy, cleaning and laundry and driving and writing for me.  Andy and I left the house everday this week at 6:45. If you know me at all, you know this was painful and confusing. I do NOT function well in the morning no matter how much sleep I get.  Fortunately, Andy is the same so he never notices. During weeks like this, I rely heavily on my bullet journal to guide me and stop me from pulling into a parking lot after dropping Andy at practice and sleeping like a homeless person.  If you haven't tried a bullet journal and are constantly trying to find things, remember things or just get a glimpse of what you've done in the past weeks, give it a shot.  It takes about a month to get used to and then you'll wonder what you ever did without it.  Or not. It works for me.

So20150623_150758, we have been getting things done.  Andy got his learner's permit on Tuesday.  How sad is that? His birthday was in January.  He's had the tests done for ages and we have not had time to get to the DMV until now. We had a 2:45 appointment. I don't know if the DMV was having a contest on being cooperative, super-nice and friendly or what but we were back in our car with the permit at 2:58.  Yes, we went to a real DMV.  I am not telling you which DMV it was because it's a secret - I can't have any of you all ruining it!!!!

I am now teaching my fourth son to drive. We started in the big empty church parking lot.20150627_165041 There was some whimpering on my part.  More whimpering when I realized my "Jesus handle" is broken (bullet journal note - get Mike to fix Jesus handle before next outing).  In the past four days Andy has begun to master: working all the buttons in the car; stop signs; backing up-ish; driving at insanely slow speeds around the neighborhood and understanding the value of getting the car cooled down before I get to the driveway.  This week?  We're moving to the 35 mph streets and may even attempt parking with other cars in the parking lot.  Send aspirin.

Andy was joking today as we headed up one of the windier (wyn-dier, as in curvy, rather than windier, as in blustery) roads around the neighborhood.  "Quick mom, get a picture of me on my first roundabout!" This picture is after he went into a small ditch on the first roundabout (you know, because I was lying about how narrow the road is) - he has yet to make eye contact with me.

In other news, Tim has a friend-that-is-a-girl coming to town on Monday. He met her during his traveling photography job. She's a dancer. She's from Iowa.  (I know, right? I only know one family from Iowa and I like them very much so I'm sure this new girl is just as lovely.) She'll be staying in Tim's room while he moves to the sofa.  I'm hoping to have enough time to make Tim's room pretty and a little girly before she gets here.  Cross your fingers.

For the past two years I've had ongoing projects to keep me out of trouble (my parents' 50th at the beach and Dan's wedding). Now? I'm trying to figure out what's next. It's going to be a bumpy ride, I think.