Aaaannnnnd . . . it's Friday again!

pool readingMan, this has been the slowest and fastest week on record. I feel like I've finally regained control of the house and some of my life after the wedding.  I also feel like I'm behind on so many things I've been neglecting! Can't win. Dan and Christi are getting settled into married life.  They are discovering just how small their apartment is as we've been shipping wedding gifts their way!  They are planning their honeymoon (Puerto Rico) for the end of July.  I'm so happy they're not putting it off too long.

Settling into the fact that we have a married child has both Mike and me thinking that no matter how young we feel (really) - we have been together a LONG time and when you really look at it, we have been through a lot - sickness, health, richer, poorer and every insane thing that falls into another category. I guess it could make me anxious for Dan and Christi but, honestly, I'm so excited to see what the future holds for them.  So many possibilities.

In other news, things here keep moving along. Ian reported another set of straight A's for his summer term. Not bad for a homeskooled kid, huh?  He's working a lot for the rest of the summer and trying to catch up on some fun reading. Tim had a friend-who-is-a-girl visit this week from Iowa.  She was all that Tim described and more. Fun, funny, smart and adorable. I'm so happy to finally meet her.  He's got two years in Tallahassee and she will be two years at Univ. of Iowa, so who knows what will happen.  Still, I love seeing Tim so happy.

Andy's had rowing again all week. Because that is what he does. Row. Now he drives and rows. He's up to driving in 40 mph zones.  Kill. Me. Now.  I'm too old to be teaching another kid to drive! Andy's not even a bad driver so far.  It's just the fact that you know they are NOT in control of the car and the only way they can learn is to do things.  Have I mentioned that my "jesus handle" is broken?  There's only so much my feet on the dashboard can do.  If you have kids coming up on driving age, start stretching now - you want to have multiple ways to brace yourself!!!!!

I was beyond excited this afternoon when Mike told me that he and my brother are closing the warehouse tomorrow and taking a day off.  Not only does Mike need it, he's happy to drive with Andy.  A BREAK!!!!!  Our neighbors are away for one of their son's baseball tournaments.  We are watching the fish and feeding a couple of stray cats they have always taken care of.  The fish are needy.  I think I might get up and buy myself a float tomorrow and keep an eye on the fish while reading and floating in their pool.  (I must say that they would let me float in their pool any old time.  But, it'll just be me and my book and the fish.  I can hardly wait.)

Speaking of books, this spring I read Mr. Mercedes.  With writing all the time, it's hard to find time to read. I have taken May and June off from writing. I've been looking forward to reading non-school-related fun stuff.  For my birthday, Dan sent Finders, Keepers and Tim/Andy gave me House of Leaves.  Even if you're not a Stephen King fan - the first two books are fun. They're not terribly supernatural, more mystery.  Great characters.  Definitely fun beach reads.  I have just started House of Leaves.  I have had it on my to-read list forever. It's supposed to be VERY scary.  I'm not too far into it but I can definitely tell you it's weird.

I got new tires this morning. While I waited, I walked to Chik-Fil-A and grabbed breakfast and read.  I almost burst into tears on the section I read this morning - so unexpected! Instead, I bought myself an ice cream cone for breakfast-dessert. Tears contained.  I'll keep you posted as I get further into the book.  When that one is done, I still have a stack on my nightstand - I wonder how long I can put off tenth grade for Andy????

We are looking forward to an uneventful 4th of July - no party planned. Nothing. Our grumpy neighbor did call the police tonight but it was nothing Andy and his friends were doing - the nice police officer just drove by and waved.  Gah!!!  Hope you all have a great holiday weekend!