And life goes on . . .

regatta 2016I haven't been blogging much for about a dozen reasons. I've been worried and sad about my dad. I've been worried and sad about other things that have no business here. I've also been busy homeschooling Andy and trying to keep things on a semi-even-keel for him. Also, I've been busy getting our house ready to sell and looking for a new one. For Andy (and for us) rowing is normal. Andy is rowing. A lot.  There are events every weekend between now and the move. Last weekend was our club's regatta. It was nice to have work to do and to see people we know. Next week, Andy and I will once again invade my mom's home to cut our driving time for the mandatory  2x's a day spring break practices. Rowing will keep us all busy until at least the end of May. It's a good thing.

Well before my dad got sick, Mike and I had been tossing around the idea of moving to my parents' side of town. We thought it would be nice to be close. Added bonus, it's closer to Christi's parents (for when Dan and Christi visit). It's closer to rowing. It offers Andy a superior community college for his junior and senior years of high school. It's closer to the business.  And, I've been restless - there is nothing left to paint or rearrange here. I need a project!

So, we listed this house. We looked at a LOT of houses. A LOT of ugly houses. We bid on a few foreclosures and lost to people walking around with big bags of cash. We finally found one, and, after some back and forth I think it will be ours. Kind of backwards - we get a bigger house when we get rid of a bunch of kids. But, I think it will be a great house for us - especially for holidays and parties. There is room for visitors. There is room for Mike to brew beer without storing it under our bed. And . . . there are projects (not urgent) for me!  The new house is VERY brown. So many projects - the carpeted bath tub! the brown/copper kitchen! paint everywhere!

We'll close on both houses on April 5. Just 17 days shy of us moving into this house 18 years ago. (The same day my sister's first son was born. Happy 18, Jamie!)  We've loved this house - it was a great place to raise four boys. We've loved this neighborhood (even the mean neighbor - I hope the police department doesn't have to let anyone go with the lack of depravity our absence will provide). It's going to be hard to leave all that is familiar and easy. But, it's going to be exciting as well.

I'm glad I took staging this house seriously and packed up tons of stuff before we listed. (I even did the cookies, water/soda/juice thing and every other tip I could find to sell a house! It worked. We sold this house in less than 2 weeks.)

Weird - that stuff has been gone for months and I don't miss anything but one purse, two pair of shoes and the books. Mike and Andy have not missed a thing. Mike misses brewing beer but, aside from that? Nada.  Wonder what will actually get unpacked at the new place?

Now, who wants to come and help us empty the attic? I am pretty sure there are toddler beds and other really old scary things up there.

I'm not gone - just doing the re-entry thing slowly. But surely.