Mommy Dearest

VZM.IMG_20160320_180111Sometimes you just have to own the fact that you might not have been the sanest parent on the planet. We spent the weekend emptying the attic, sorting through endless piles of stuff and trying to get organized for this move.  I say "we" emptied the attic.  By "we" I mean Andy and Mike. "We" worked really hard. Once everything was in the garage, I was left to sort through and organize the stuff. Have you ever seen an episode of "Hoarders?" Yep. It was like that. Despite last spring's attic purge - when I was frantically searching for my birth certificate - there was still more homeschool stuff and kid memorabilia. I'm not a terribly nostalgic person but, I took some time to sort through the stuff.

I found Ian's memorable first book -"Shalom, Shalom" - written when he was about eight. It's hysterical. One day I'll scan it and put it up here. We found an incredibly detailed (and strange) movie script written by 10-year-old Tim. My favorite find was Danny's 2001 handwriting notebook. (see picture) We were almost done with our second year of homeschool. Danny was eight.

That poor kid.  There are pages and pages of that same sentence!  I have no recollection of what he did but, clearly, it pissed me off. I was insane. Where were the adults? The notebook also included a chatty letter to Santa Claus that asked for nothing except in the PS where he wrote "Please don't bring any Elmo videos for Andy."

I texted this picture to Dan to see if he remembered what it was about. He didn't answer right away so I asked if he was still bitter. He told me the wounds had just begun to heal. Sorry Dan.