Good Bye, Oak Road

driveway girlsI  can't believe it - we're really moving. April 7 is the closing on this house and the new house. I have been working for months to get this house staged and packed and now I'm facing the final bits. We moved into this house on April 22, 1998. Dan was on the verge of kindergarten. Ian and Tim were his devoted followers. Andy was still a spark of a being. My nephew, Jamie, was just making his arrival in to the world - Happy 18th, Jamie!!!! This house seemed HUGE. We lived for a full year with two big empty rooms. The, being the overachievers we are, we outgrew the house. And still we stayed.

Why? The neighborhood. I know few people who have had sua2ee6-hpmomandboysch a great neighborhood experience (even including the neighbor who called the police all the time). Where else could Ian have held bi-annual magic shows with SRO seating, popcorn .and guaranteed cheers? We celebrated all the holidays, taught the kids to swim in the neighbor's pool (actually, the neighbor taught them to swim) and always had someone to check on the pets. For me, it was about the driveway culture. Kids playing in/around the street (not a busy one) and all the moms congregating in someone's driveway- folding laundry, painting toenails or just looking for a bit of support.

After dropping some stuff at Goodwill yesterday, I was feeling weepy and nostalgic about leaving. I texted one neighbor and within two hours we had a regular driveway party. We used makeshift seating, ordered pizza and had a great time reminiscing and making future plans.  There are pictures somewhere - I'll post them when I find them.

a43ee-3dsuperbowl09So many happy, happy memories in this house. Some not so great ones too but, I cherish those as well. I hope the new family has as much fun as we have had.

And, now, on to the next chapter.  Cross your fingers, say a prayer and/or dance nekkid that all goes well Thursday when we close on both houses. Let's hope the new neighborhood is as much fun as the old one.