Shake it up . . .

Wh2175 cs 1ew! We're moved. It's so crazy to be living in a new house - we were in our other house for eighteen years! A big, pretty house that is ours - is ours. (Whew - the fountain/bird bath was gone when we got here!)  The process was incredibly painful and full of people who were not remotely good at their jobs. (If you live in Central Florida and are looking for a house, send me a message and I'll let you know who to avoid.) What fascinates me is the lack of shame from the people who suck at what they do. We're still finishing paperwork we paid them thousands of dollars to do. Poor Andy and the lectures he's endured over the past week. "No pressure, honey - just don't suck at your job - and if you do suck, have the grace to admit it and own it." My mom endured hosting me, Mike, Andy and Cally (the dog) for two/three days while enduring the drama. (We were supposed to close on Tuesday and didn't get into this house until nearly 6 pm Friday.) And she still kept coming back! My sister arrived (visit planned well before our screwy closing dates) late Friday night. She stayed here Friday night. We explored ways to open wine bottles without a corkscrew. (Drill through and drink it all.) I'm so happy she was here and has seen the house and will know what I'm talking about in the future.

On Satgarden friendsurday, my friend-of-friends, Vanessa, showed up with her sons and another of Andy's friends to help unload Mike's truck . She and Preston (her younger son) helped me figure out the kitchen. Preston (10) was delighted with the ivy border in the kitchen. He explained that it made much more sense than spending all that time writing words all over the walls.  The longer I'm here, the more I think he might be on to something.

Later, we decided to explore the yard. Our old yard was jungly and green with lots of palms and bamboo. I really thought I would miss it more. The new yard is smaller but beautiful with about fifty flowering plants I can't identify. It's pretty everywhere you look. The previous owners clearly knew something about gardening.  As Vanessa and I explored, we started finding yard decorations in the overgrowth. We may not know flowers and trees but, we can recognize gnomes, frogs and daschunds!  We spent about two hours on a treasure hunt!  See what we found? That's a giant Chia-pet dog - I am so going to fill him up with flowers or something.

I'm not sure what to do about the giant cranes roosting in the gianscary birdst tree in front of the house. I'm just going to wear my safety googles and helmet for now. They don't look like friendly birds! Better safe than sorry - right?

We are slowly unpacking and finding things I packed up (to stage the house) way back at the beginning of January!  Who knew I had cool stuff? And a lot of ugly stuff, too.  Andy and I are enjoying the short commute to rowing - me especially! I can actually come home after I drop him off! It's incredibly liberating! (Hence the exclamation points.)

While I love, love, love this house - I'm me. There are about 10,000 things I want to change. Stay tuned to lots of before and after pictures as things move on. I'm excited to be so close to my mom, to rowing and to Mike's work. It's like we've gained two days a week with the lack of commuting. I'm trying to stay calm and just jot down ideas about what I want to do. I want to see how we live in this house before we change anything big. BUT, it's so hard!!!!