Week One

We've been in the house a week. It's starting to feel like more than a vacation house. I've learned a few things - mostly about myself -  this week.

  • I'm not a fan of brown, beige, tan or any other variation. This house is painted a beautiful neutral tan kind of color. I would like it in a magazine, online or in someone else's house. I recognize it's a good color. But, meh, it does not make me happy.


  • mr edOn the happy side, I love looking out the bathroom window (squee! I have a bathroom window!!!! I've never had a bathroom window) and watching Mr. Ed across the road. Mr. Ed is a horse. He doesn't really do much. But, he's a horse and I can see him from my window and he doesn't seem to care if I wave at him before or after I put my makeup on.  I may have to go give him apples or carrots or something.




  • entry - pre-bookshelvesIt's fun to think big. Mike and I were sitting on the floor in the empty dining room staring into the vast entryway. We've decided to build a floor-to-ceiling-bookshelf on the wall around the door. The wall is 17 1/2 feet tall. We're going to have a ladder - a library ladder. I even found a card catalog!  We may be 80 when this happens but it will happen.


  • andy oarsI'm going to try to enjoy this house on my own terms. I keep expecting the "boys" to be excited. Not so much. Tim is "home" this weekend but he's only stopping by on Sunday. Andy is here because it's a law or something. I found these really cool (or so I thought) blades (it's what rowers call what the rest of us call oars).  They are each one piece of beautifully carved and painted wood with leather straps. He was supremely unimpressed. Boys are dumb. I like them and they will find a home here and one day Andy will be 30 and say, "Wow, those are kind of fun."





  • judy sunflowersSunflowers are the cure for everything.  Aunt Judy is in town. She brought sunflowers! And catalogs! She's exactly the visitor we all needed. She and my mom are having a great visit - lots of crying, lots of laughing. I love knowing they're together and that I can just run over there if I  want.

They'll be here for dinner tomorrow. We were going to go to Andy's race but the weather is not cooperating and, let's face it, I'm not from early morning stock. There is no way we're going to get our act together to make Andy's race at 7:26 am. ;)

Finally, if you have a "white" you love on your walls, can you send me the name and brand please? There is a lot to choose from out there.