Harry Potter and Making Sense

andy helmetMy kids and I grew up with Harry Potter. We read the books, we listened to the books, we saw the movies - we did the midnight everything! I find Harry Potter, especially read by Jim Dale, comforting. Throughout this move, I've been re-listening to the series of books. I'm currently in the middle of book four, The Goblet of Fire. I don't know if it's my favorite but, it is certainly the funniest. Anyway, listening to the familiar story helps me settle down and focus when I'm faced with things that overwhelm me. (Adding pic of Andy just because . . . well because the helmet thing was so weird and he stood still long enough for me to take a picture.) I can't seem to totally settle down in this house. I keep having ideas and remembering what I should have done and then getting distracted by something shiny. It's a little scary. Harry is helping me work through it all. (Have I mentioned our Harry Potter cupboard under the stairs? I don't think I have. I'll make that a new post.)

This afternoon was fun. My mom (aka Bing), Aunt Judy (always fun and in town for the week) and I went to Yellow Dog Eats for late lunch/early dinner after dumping Andy at rowing practice.  I am by no stretch a "foodie." I eat because you have to eat most days. BUT ... this place changes everything. I linked to the menu.  I got the Drunken Pig. Bing had a 1/2 rack of ribs. Judy had the basic pulled pork sandwich. You've never seen three women shut up and eat like we did this afternoon.  Can I get a Homer Simpson, "Gahaahhahhhhh?"

Afterwards we took a stroll around historic Winter Garden.  The new Adjectives store is awesome - a little spendy, but awesome. I found a few things I think I need but am having a hard time justifying.  Someone who reads this will be able to give me a good reason to spend $800 on an amazing card catalog cabinet - I mean, I will eventually have a library with a "library" ladder???? And, come on, it's a giant card catalog. (I don't have a picture I can find easily - it's about 5'5" tall and on wheels and is just a stunning card catalog!)

shoes finallyWhen I got home - after a stop at Bing's for almond cake and more goofing off, Mike produced a new box.  MY SHOES!!!! I've been "surviving" with about three pairs of shoes since early January.  I just "happened" to have a shoe rack that fits in our ridiculous closet.  ::::sigh::::: So happy. I put my boots and "winter" shoes in the back of the closet to wait their turn!

painted garden friendsNext, while I caught up via text with my old (and sorely missed) neighbor, Vanessa, I painted my new garden friends chalky white. I'm going to put them out tomorrow. I think they will be lovely and mossy/moldy by the end of summer.  While I was out with my mom and Aunt Judy, I saw this set for the garden.  It kind of cracked me up but the reaction of everyone else I've shown this picture too makes me glad I did not buy it. I'm garden babygoing to stick with Vanessa who said "Your garden is a happy place.  Keep it that way."

I came inside and rearranged the spices/cooking stuff based on Mike's suggestion. I hate to admit it but, he was right - much more functional. Over the weekend, we got a lot done. The office and "long room" (it's function has yet to be determined) at least look like rooms. I can find Andy's school stuff and we'll be able to pay our bills next month.

studySlow and steady, right? This move is weird. We only have one full-time kid and he's incredibly low maintenance. The move is kind of live-changing but, yes, I am saying this, the rest can wait. I cannot remember the last time I have been this relaxed.  We've had so much change in our lives in the past two years - good and bad. I feel like now we're where we should be.