Nice, huh?

I have no idea what was going on today but, people were REALLY nice to me today. It's not like people are regularly unpleasant when I deal with them but it's mostly impersonal. I have no idea why today was different. (Do all of you know something I don't?) I dropped Andy at practice and headed to one of my favorite thrift stores in search of a skinny dresser.  As I stepped up to the curb, I heard a beep behind me.  I turned around and a UPS truck had stopped, the driver smiled and waved at me and shouted "Happy Wedesday to you!" and drove off before I could digest it and return the sentiment.  Made me smile.  Still.  Kind of weird.

No luck on the dresser so I headed to Goodwill.  (I refuse to pay $300 for an ugly, cheap, new dresserd5495-may09sunflower.) I wandered around aimlessly and accidentally bumped into a young woman with a cart full of kids. She grabbed my arm and said, "Your eyes! Are those your eyes?" Umm...last time I checked, yes they are my eyes.  "You have the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen."  She has little kids and I'm sure doesn't get out much. But, still, it was nice. (She didn't mention wrinkles or anything.)

Next, (no luck on the dresser  - it's out there somewhere) I moved to Walmart.  Got my stuff without incident and got in line. The lady in front of me was having a hard time with the chip in her credit card so it took a while. As I was standing there, a man came around my side and said, "Do you want me to load that stuff onto the conveyor belt for you? It looks heavy."  Stunned, I mumbled "Sure, thanks."  I had potting soil, stacks of mason jars and a case of beer.  When my stuff finally got scanned, the same man ran up and put it into my cart for me. It's not like I couldn't have moved that stuff  on my own but that was SO nice.

As I was loading up my car, a young man who was collecting carts from the parking lot came over and took over loading my cart. I thanked him.  He looked right at me and said "God bless you. I hope you have a wonderful evening."  He was maybe 21 and so sincere and it was kind of touching.

No point to this, I just don't want to forget it. So many nice people in one day.