Slacker Life

regatta 2016I have been such a slacker! In some ways it feels like time has sped up and I'm just treading water. Rowing has taken up much of my time.  Counting the days until Andy gets his driver's license.  June 23!!!  With rowing and trying to get settled in the new house, it's all a blur. 20160515_115304In rowing news, Andy's boat - the Lightweight 8 - is headed to nationals after an exciting weekend of races.  His team, OARS, is taking five boats to Princeton, NJ - a club record. We're so proud of all the boys on Andy's boat. They have worked so hard. Four of the boys are over six feet tall (including Andy) and making weight (150 lbs max) is tough.  It will be fun for them to get to compete with the best boats in the country.  I'll post a link as we get closer in case any of you are interested in watching the live stream of races.  (Mostly, I'll post it so I can find it when I'm in a panic.) Andy is third from the right.

20160512_223428The house is starting to feel more like home. We've ordered blinds and plantation shutters. In anticipation of the shutters, I've started painting. I know. I paint. All. The. Time. But, this is a new house so it's fun again.  I've been working on the kitchen and the laundry room.  I'm just going to keep working left to right until it's done.

Here is the laundry room when we moved in. 2175 cs22

After I kept smashing my head on the cabinets, Mike made me some shelves. Here is is now. The window will eventually have a plantation shutter. Unless you have done laundry in your garage for a million years you'll never appreciate how much I love not having to put on bug spray or carry a "sweat towel" to do laundry!


This is the kitchen when we moved in. What you can't tell is that the ceiling is the same color as the walls. The backsplash was textured wallpaper painted bronze. The combination of the browns made the kitchen so dark that you needed to put all the lights on even in the morning.

2175 cs 3

There is much work still to be done but, we've made some progress, I think. (Ignore the island - improvements coming soon!)

I hope to get back to regular blogging soon. Andy gets his license at the end of June!  That should free up an astounding amount of time for me. Enough, that I'm kind of confused about what to do with the time.  Rest assured you'll hear about it! ;)

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