May is done?

20160531_233856Where did May go? I feel like I'm in some kind of time warp - everything is going so fast. Except when it isn't. Or when I can't remember what I'm doing or why I'm doing it or even why I'm in a room at a certain minute. It's stop all motion or full-warp-speed-Mr-Sulu here lately. We're getting settled into the house slowly but surely. I've got the kitchen mostly sorted out.Walls and cabinets painted. Next up? The counters. Needs work but it's taking shape.  I painted the kitchen table this weekend while Mike was visiting his parents and Andy was away at a race.  I think I like it. 20160531_233936Not crazy about the chairs now but that's an easy fix. The downstairs windows will be getting plantation shutters on Saturday. I'm so excited! Who knew we could be so fancy?

Mike was in Alabama for the long weekend to celebrate his parents' 60th wedding anniversary. Amazing. He had a great time and came home with a fresh new Buffalo accent - even though he was in Alabama for the party.

Andy was in Sarasota this weekend for a race - more of a practice thing for nationals than a real race. On Saturday they rowed 15K - half of that at full speed within 1 1/2 hours without ever leaving the boat. He's still a bit sore but happy to have a chance to practice on the awesome Sarasota race course. His boat is ranked in the top five in the US and he's anxious to get to Princeton and race.

Tim was sort of home this weekend. Mostly just drive-by visits between jobs. It's been a long time since I've been on my own. Such a strange feeling. And, it won't be long until Andy is just doing drive-by visits as well.

My days as a full-time, hands-on mom are over. I'm restless, bored, busy and anxious right now. Strange combination. Ask Mike. ;)  I need to figure out what's next. That or start adopting cats as a full-time hobby. For now, the house will keep me busy but that won't last forever. I intend to keep writing - just not sure how I'm going to do it. I have the time. I just have no desire to write for people at below minimum wage.  Stay tuned.