new shuttersOkay, we've all made home improvements. But usually, they're things you need but can't see - plumbing, roof, heat/air. You do them because you have to and you get to live your life. When we moved into this house, we set aside money for something I've always, always, always wanted - plantation shutters. They suit this house. When we ever sell this house, they'll be an upgrade. Today, the shutters arrived!  It was fun because we know the couple we ordered the shutters from. Lynda and Mike worked together at Chili's forever.  When she left Chili's, she and Allen took over Orlando Blind Company.  Lynda and Allen were so patient and gave us such good advice when we were deciding what to do. I'm  already regretting not just sucking it up and putting the shutters in the master bedroom.  That will be happening soon.

I've spent all afternoon going around in circles just looking at the shutters and the difference. I am so happy my instincts to go with this look were right. They look like they've always been here. Gah! It's crazy to love something so much. But, I do. Everything else can wait for a bit. Next up? Counters? The laminate wood is making me insane.

powder roomIn other news, I've finished the powder room. I know, you were worried. ;) Not exactly finished - that french door to the outside is troublesome. But, for now, it's all good.