Little Known Fact

sp5I went to Lowe's the other day to pick up switch plates. This house came with switch plates. Unfortunately, every single one was different with each one fancier than the other. As I started painting I realized I could not just put the old ones back up without having myself committed.  (Honestly, I've never given switch plates much thought until moving here.) So, there I was in Lowe's. I purchased a contractor pack of white plates  - single switches and plugs - and some specialty plates. We have a lot of switches and plugs here - 13 in the kitchen alone!  A woman who appeared to be close to 80 was my check out person. She had awesome red hair and a personality. She demanded to know why I was buying so many switchplates.  I told her that we had a big variety of fancy plates in the house and I was looking for something more subtle.

sp3She nodded sagely and said "I guess the previous owners were Spanish."  I blinked a few times and asked "Switch plates are a Spanish thing."  In a serious tone, she answered "Oh honey, you have no idea."  Huh.

While we never met the previous owners of this house, I know their names and I know the way the house was decorated. Not Spanish. Buffalo or Pittsburgh, maybe.  Anyway, just thought I'd toss this out there. It's been cracking me up for a couple of days.

I'm including a small sample of what I'm talking about. There are a few I'll keep for bedrooms but most of them are perplexing to me. If you see anything you like, let me know.