Day is done. I'm 51.

2016 cakeSee how I rhymed there in the title? I may be old but I'm still clever. Nice birthday. Mike and Tim were working. I was puttering around as always. Andy spent the day with his friend-that-is-a-girl.  Friend-that-is-a-girl drove Andy home after dinner at her house tonight - she brought me a birthday cake! How fun. And delicious.  We had cake and played a few rounds of Uno. I can check fun, chocolate and celebration off of my list for a year. In other news, I witnessed the funniest couple this morning at Goodwill. When I'm near Goodwill, I stop in just to see what's there. Today, the store was super busy and I found myself kind of trapped in a corner. I was waiting for an opening and watching this "old" (as in older than me) guy messing with all the boom boxes - plugging them all in and humming to himself. Out of the blue, a tiny "old" lady comes flying at him shouting "Don't you dare!!!!" He laughed and started hitting buttons. Suddenly, Goodwill was booming with Rush Limbaugh's voice and the woman was shrieking. I don't know why it did but the whole scene made me laugh out loud. Clearly, the husband was just pushing her buttons and enjoying the effect. I'm thinking he needs a hobby or a part time job. I can see me and Mike in a similar scenario. In the end, they just left. She had a cart full of stuff that was just left sitting and the radios were still blasting Rush. Who won?