Beginnings and Endings

20160620_205129Tomorrow (actually, today, it's late) Andy takes his driver's license test. It's the beginning of the end of my hands-on, constantly involved, mom life. He'll be like the rest of my sons who have abandoned me to live their own lives (I kid - sort of). He's so excited and I'm excited for him. But am I also kind of sad.  What's next? Monday would have been my parents' 52nd Anniversary. It was also Danny and Christi's first anniversary. Bittersweet. If you're so inclined, send virtual hugs to my mom and to all of us. We need them. It's hard to explain how much we all miss my dad. And, it's hard to explain how much we love having Christi as part of our family. (Christi's mom and I decided that we're co-in-laws. I kind of like that. We're not technically related but we are so very connected.)

Last Saturday, we "tested" the house by hosting and open house/party. The house works! It actually works really well. I think there were about 50 people here at the height of the party. The whole house was getting used. All the food was being eaten. Rowing people met scout people. Old neighbors met new neighbors. It was a lot of fun (though, I am still kind of tired from getting ready lol). Mike made an awesome s'mores cake. Some people thought it was a ceramic decoration before we cut into it.

At the end of the night, we had some of the old neighbors spend the night. That was awesome. Everyone pitched in and by the time the kids had the air mattresses set up the house was clean and breakfast and coffee were set up. All parties should end this way. Added bonus, I got to catch up on neighborhood news and speculations.

The party felt like a beginning. Bringing people into the new house. Inviting a totally random mix of people made things fun (scary while anticipating it). I finally feel like this house is ours. We've broken it in. I know, I'm weird.

This weekend marks the eighth (I think) bi-annual beach week for our family. Again, bittersweet. Nothing will be the same without my dad. At the same time, I love that my parents started this tradition and we intend to continue it. Over the July 4 weekend, we'll have everyone here and it will be wonderful to be together.  At the last beach week, we had a party for my parents' 50th anniversary and Danny proposed to Christi. We can remember past beach weeks and talk about the future as well. It's amazing how quickly things can change and I want to cling to the best of all of it as much as I can.

Cross your fingers at 11:50 this morning. Andy is a good driver so it should all be good. And then get ready for a long summer of rambling blog posts as I'll no longer have a car or be able to leave my house. ;)