Vacation Postscript

2016 beach houseSigh . . . another beach week come and gone. Two weeks of doing nothing but reading, eating, drinking and visiting is surprisingly exhausting. Incredibly fun but exhausting! This is the house we rented - cool, huh? Four levels. On our busiest night we had 22 people spend the night. All visiting girlfriends and my niece were bunked in my mom's ginormous closet - it had windows! 2016 beach hee haw gang

The best part was having everyone together for the Fourth of July! There are more people (unrelated) up on the deck. We had a great group that night. Fireworks up and down the beach for nearly two hours! It was hard to know which way to look.

2016 beach dan and christi

We celebrated Dan and Christi's first anniversary by thawing the top of their wedding cake. As a family, I don't think we'll ever learn not to put sparklers on cake. The cake tasted about like you'd expect. It was all good,though, we had butter beer fudge as a back up. We had sparklers, lanterns and a disturbing number of roman candles. It was a good night.

July 5 would have been really tough - Dan, Tim and Ian all left. My sister and her kids were gone. It was just me, my mom, Andy and Andy's friend-that-is-a-girl. In that house, that meant we each had our own floor! Fortunately, my mom's friend visited with her family. There were little kids! I haven't been around little people for a long time. I had so much fun with Betty's 5, 3 and 1 year old grandkids!! The older two are little boys. It was like a flash back as we played in the sand and discussed whatever popped into their heads. Although, I had forgotten how much stuff is involved in taking short people to the beach. So much equipment!  Their visit made what would have been a sad day great!

2016 beach more foodWe rounded out the end of the week with visits from friends and old neighbors - another full house. One friend had been staying in a condo two buildings down from us. We pooled together our leftovers and had a feast for dinner.  Salmon, shrimp, ravioli, roasted veggies, a huge salad and just about every snack ever made. After dinner some of us played Nertz. If you've never played, it's a fun game for anyone old enough to know how to play solitaire.

And, poof! Just like that it was time to leave. It wasn't the same without my Dad there. There were times when the space he filled felt huge. But, there were just as many moments where I could hear him laughing along with us. It was wonderful to listen to the kids telling funny "Pap" stories. I'm glad we kept up Beach Week this year - there's nothing better than everyone getting together for a happy reason.

2016 beach bocce