Thinking . . .

Home from the beach. Andy is driving himself to practice. We'll homeschool next year but it's mostly online and college classes. I'm out of a job.  Twenty four years and poof. Not even a gold watch. For me, doing something physical helps me sort out all the loud, unrelated noises in my head. So I started a couple of projects. (You didn't seriously think I was going to say I began training for a 5K, did you?)

Feeling overwhelmed? Tackle painting the entryway with the 17 1/2' ceiling. What could go wrong? I finished tonight with Mike and Andy's help. (And, help from Lynda and Alan's ginormous extension ladder.) Mostly, I used a very long telescoping pole and a normal sized ladder. Tonight was the way-up windows and around the ceiling. Andy and Mike served as crash pads.  (Wish I had worn my good overalls. 8) )

Andy took the picture while he was flopp20160719_205714ed on the floor underneath me. I think I went up and down that ladder about 15 times tonight. Mike kept trying to put it at a steeper angle to see if I would notice. I noticed. Someone may have to carry me downstairs tomorrow morning. I also painted the inside of the front door, the upstairs hallway and the banister. I'm very happy with the results - much brighter and happier feeling.

But, an entry only takes so long. So I ordered this kit and tested it in the powder room. (If you're interested, check their website and also check Amazon. I happened on an Amazon sale and got the kit for about $20 less.) Kind of cool.

It's a multi-step process - a couple of 20160718_131252hours here wait many hours and start the next part.  My mom came over on Sunday to help me with the artistic aspect. I'm happy with my first attempt but, there is room for improvement.  I've started on the boys' bathroom counter with a different technique. If I get it right, I'll post step by step pictures. I hope I can figure it out because I'd love to do this in the kitchen . Eventually Mike will make concrete counters for the kitchen but until then, I'd love to get rid of the faux wood laminate.

And, as I do these projects I am working on what my next step as a semi-retired full-time mom will be. Hopefully, by the time I work through the kitchen counters my brain will be less cluttered and the path forward will be a little clearer.  If not, there are more projects here. Or . . . the bus stop is right across the street. I can start collecting neighbor kids to keep me happy. Or not. Anyway, I'm working on it.