Note to Self

stuffed purseSomething is wrong. For two weeks my neck has been killing me. I have been messing with pillows and making sure I'm sitting straight. And, then, it dawned on me as I  tossed my purse onto the passenger seat and the light/bell went on signalling that I would be dead shortly if I did not harness my  purse.  My purse has outgrown its booster seat. Just thought I'd share in case anyone else has a neck ache.

Purse: I took out two tape measures - giant 36' metal ones not the cute  yellow plastic ones seamstresses use, a tiny can of V8 (it must have been a good idea once) and a stick of Andy's deodorant.  (Now that I no longer drive Andy to and from practice, I don't care that much how he smells.)  Tossed the "new" purse on the passenger seat and it's all good.

(Note this is not my actual purse . . . just a stolen internet image to illustrate my point. Thank you for the image.)