Day Three - Interesting or Weird?

20160323_135533Went to get my hair cut today. I was WAY overdo. That's the thing when you wear your hair super short, every bit of growth shows. I knew last night when Tim came home from work, walked into the kitchen and gasped/nearly shouted when he looked at me. He thought I was wearing a shaggy, curly wig. Nope. Just in dire need of a haircut. So, I booked a time with the lovely Rachel at our local Hair Cuttery.  It's fast, cheap and suits my needs - I don't need coloring or anything fancy.  Not only can she cut my hair with a straight edge razor like no one else, she reminds me to wax my old, shaggy eye brows. I look about 22 when I walk out. No. Really. Okay, maybe 32.

Mid haircut, (we were at the chair closest to the entrance) a young woman walks in with two adorable little, tow-headed boys - maybe 3 and 5? Rachel went to greet them while I read People magazine and pondered over the fact that I knew so few people in that magazine.  Of course, I was eavesdropping as well.  The woman wanted to get her sons' hair cut. BUT . . . she wanted to know if they had a stylist that specialized in cutting blonde hair.  Rachel (who is maybe 23) was taken aback.  I dropped my magazine and a quiet hush fell over the salon.

I'll hand it to Rachel - she told the woman that all of their stylists were qualified to cut any type of hair. The woman persisted. "Blonde hair needs a special touch. I don't want my boys' hair ruined by someone who does not understand the highlights."  I've always been blonde and I don't have a clue what this means. (see picture)  Rachel stood her ground and encouraged the woman to look around while she waited and she could pick her stylist.

Seriously, Is this a thing? And, if this woman was so concerned, why not go to a high end salon that will tell her what she needs to hear. Her boys were beautiful and would be beautiful with bowl cuts done in the kitchen with safety scissors.  She did stick around, marching up and down. Ultimately she left. I feel bad for those boys.

I, on the other hand, have a great new haircut, unbushy eyebrows and a new respect for Rachel - as well as an appointment to do it all again in five weeks.