How I spent my summer vacation ...

Well not really my summer vacation (for that I went to the beach) but, I did get some really nice down time from rowing and all the rest of things. As I ease back into our school/life routine, though, I want to take a minute to share some of my bad pictures - I try but photography escapes me - of things I've been working on. No reason except I do like being able to come back to the blog just to check I've made progress every couple of years or so.  

I.  Kitchen Table  When we moved in, I put our awesome garbage pick-Ethan Allen table in this space. It was a grekitchen-tableat table but it was simply TOO BIG. I found this table a couple of weeks ago at a thrift store. Perfect size. I painted it and distressed it because who are we kidding? Between me, Mike and the boys - any table we own is going to be distressed. I just decided to end the suspense and do it first off. (Can you see Dolores-the-Cow waving at you?)

II. Bread Box

When I first started blogging (10 years ago!!!!!) I found a bread box. It delighted me then. It delights me now. It's a bread box. It needed an update after a decade of hard use.  I like it. I was even inspired enough to go find a new sandwich bread recipe. If you're into making bread, I highly recommend it. I had the best grilled cheese sandwich ever this afternoon . . . from the bread in my bread box.  Guess how big it is?  (Sorry, I'm going to breathe into my paper bag for a bit before I write anymore.)

III. Suitcases

When Mike and I were young and beautiful and living in an awesome historic cottage when Danny was born (remember those times? - "It's so cute, we don't need closets or central a/c, look at the molding!)  we lived next to an old, old man who was funny and facing leaving his house to move to an assisted living facility. He was going to toss some old suitcases and I asked if I could take them. He thought I was a loon. These suitcases have served as storage/night stands/coffee tables and one was even a depository (would that be the antonym for suppository?) for cards at Danny's wedding. But, they were old and sad when I brought them into this house. I painted them, added new linings and even practiced transferring (imperfectly) prints to surfaces.  They look just at home in the entrance way. All I need now is an umbrella stand and a coat rack (you know, the essentials for FL living).

IV.  Living Room/Office -

This house has a "formal" living room space. We don't really need that. What we need is a place for me to make my messes and not have to spend an hour every night putting everything away. So we've decided to make the formal living room my work space.  Andy can use the little office in the back for school. I moved the awesome Ethan Allen/garbage table into the living room. I can write, sew, paint, knit, whatever in here. If we're expecting a crowd, it's easy enough to clean up and have a decent sized dining room.  It's a work in progress but, I'm so happy, I have craved this kind of freedom/space for years and years.

The chair? Awesome thrift store find! The fabric is so perfect. (In fact, my mom is working on a water color based on the chair - JUST FOR ME!) The table - big and perfect for all my mess. The reddish cabinet - I'm still working on that but it's going to be my sewing station.  Now I just need to find me a dressmakers dummy.


I've been collecting frames from thrift stores for months - I try to get them at $.99 (preferably in the 1/2 off color of the week) and I  sand them down and spray paint them black. Amazing how a single color can unify a bunch of unrelated frames - at least well enough not to make my eye twitch. I have a ton of pictures that are perfect for the weird wall in our family room. I got started this weekend. Now I just need more frames.

You can kind of see where I did new pillows for the couch but they look awful because, gasp, Mike, Tim and Andy were actually using them! I'll get a picture another day. They're kind of fun - houndstooth, an old wool sweater, a great turquoise shower curtain and some remnants from Hobby Lobby. And a bit of burlap and ribbons.

Okay, not terribly exciting but I hope parts were interesting. So far, I'm on schedule for September. I think.

Tomorrow . . . let's talk soap. Who wants soap. Who wants to learn to make soap?