In my happy place . . .

20160910_010504It's been so long since I made soap. I forgot how much I LOVE making soap. I'm only making unscented colored soap to use IN the upcoming soaps. And, I am happy, happy, happy. I love to write. I love to paint. But there is something about making soap that instantly transcends everything. Of course the problem is, you can only make so much soap and then you have to sell it to support your "soap habit" and that is an entirely different animal. However, for tonight, I'm making 15 1-pound batches of unscented multi-colored soap (in layers) that will be incorporated over the holiday round of soap making.

Some people feel this way about bread making or grilling or gardening ... that's only because they haven't made soap. ;)

More bad photography from me but, I have to mention this is the first time I have made soap in this kitchen. WOW - counter space makes a huge difference. HUGE.

Okay, I'm done with soap on the blog. I promise to set up a soap page for those interested and to update the soap on my FB account. I just couldn't NOT tell you all how fun it is to have my soap stuff out and in use again.