Fifteen 9/11's

WORLD TRADE CENTER Andy was not yet two when 9/11 happened. The older boys were SO little. I wonder sometimes if you can make comparisons between Pearl Harbor and 9/11. I don't think you can because millions of people did not spend an entire day glued to their televisions watching Pearl Harbor.  With 9/11 the world watched the entire thing unfold.

I remember my mom calling to tell me to turn on my television.  We spent a long time talking about why a person would fly a plane into a building. Not once did terrorism come into our conversation. Shortly after I did that, I set up an elaborate scavenger hunt in the back yard for the boys so I could watch and they would not be watching. Not one of them remembers 9/11.

The picture I have up is one I'll never forget. it was awful to watch buildings collapse and to worry about how many people might be inside. But, when they showed footage of a person choosing to jump to his death ... All I could think was "I hope his family is not watching."

We live in an awful, crazy world. And, while I'm always on alert, I'm also conscious of how nice people are in my own day to day life. It's as if they go out of their way to be nice.  At the same time, I live in a city where a terrorist shot up a night club and killed 49 people. There is evil out there, I've no doubt. But, I will always believe that there is more good and that good will win.

Here's to another anniversary and prayers for better times.