With love from Croatia

croatian-meat-pieSaturday night we were invited to dinner at a friend's house as a kind of last minute thing. I'll never be the same. Our hostess' mother was visiting from Germany. She's originally from Croatia. This woman cooked a FEAST for ten of us. I'm really not a foodie kind of person. I eat because you need to eat but, I'm kind of indifferent to most meals. No longer. I am packing my bags and either going home with Croatian mom or moving to Croatia. Now I need to know who has these recipes? The Croatian mom was so sweet but did not speak much English and was totally engrossed in her nearly 2-year-old granddaughter to be dictating recipes. We had some kind of soup with potatoes, pork and beef.  There was an appetizer made from thin flaky dough that I gathered when rolled out covered the sizable kitchen island. This was stuffed with spicy meat and/or potatoes - there were two kinds. My favorite thing was stuffed cabbage.

Yeah, I've had stuffed cabbage a million times - the Irish way. This is not Irish stuffed cabbage - though, it would be good with a Guiness. I have no idea what was in this broth/sauce. There was tomato but it was not remotely Italian. Seriously, people, I'm drooling as I type. Mike and I actually dueled with our spoons of the last bits of sauce - thank God we found the bread before blood was drawn and were able to get the very last bits of sauce sopped up. Every plate that went into the dishwasher that night was clean. I just can't stop thinking about it.

If any of you know anything about Croatian food, clue me in. I've googled but nothing looks quite right. Croatian mom leaves in another week. After that, I'll call and nag our hostess but, she doesn't see her mom a lot and I don't want to be a pest. I just want all the leftovers. NOW.