Odd Day

voteTrying to keep up with my September posts. I think I've fallen behind a few days - I hope none of you have suffered because of my lapse. Today I attended an informational meeting on working at the polls this upcoming November. I'm  a nerd. I think it's important for people to vote and I thought maybe this would be something I could do now that my kids are too old to drag along with the promise of an "I voted" sticker.

I was motivated mostly by curiosity and the idea of making a bit of money was kind of fun.  I left the meeting feeling sad and kind of discouraged. The woman presenting the information was great - poised, in control and kind of funny. The people attending this meeting were a HUGE mix.  However, as we went point-by-point through the stuff we had in hand outs on our seat, on a huge screen in front of us and being read and explained to us by the nice election lady ... sigh.

The pay range is $275-170 for election day. They fail to mention that you have to attend the informational meeting and another training day that lasts from 3-6 hours.  Add in the fact that a presidential election involves a 6 am - 9 to 11 pm finish. That's less that minimum wage. Again, I would actually volunteer to do this but they can't take volunteers because too many groups are partisan.

Anyway, the day was discouraging because of the constant rude interruptions and comments from people attending the meeting. Seriously, the lack of general manners was astounding. Add to that the fact that most of the questions people were asking were answered in the flyer, on the big screen and by the nice lady in front of us.  My biggest fear is ending up stuck in some podunk polling place with the ugliest people in the meeting and not having any out for 12-15 hours.

I stuck it out and filled out the application and did the test. Who knows maybe the worst of our group won't pass the test? Or they will. I'm not sure what I'll do if they call me. I'm leaning to "No" which makes me kind of sad. But, the fact that our small group (maybe 100 people) ended the session so divided makes me a little scared to sign up to spend the day at any site the county chooses on election day. Also, there is a weird part of me that is happy to volunteer but, if you are going to pay me - pay me.

Have any of you been poll workers? I'd love to hear your experiences.

That's all I've got for today. Hope all is well in your world.