I'm a demographic!

brickWho knew? For years and years and years I have taken surveys from a local agency that handles focus groups doing research in Orlando. I think my first survey was about diapers. Interesting since I used cloth. Anyway, I rarely qualify - even less now that I have no little kids - but, it's a fun way to pick up an extra $50-200 for a couple hours of time that involve unlimited Diet Coke and M&M's. Usually once or twice a year. The past couple of months have brought me multiple surveys re the current election. I never know which question trips me up but I always fail to qualify for the actual paid part. Until last Sunday. No clue why they picked me. Is it that I'm of a certain age? Or is it that I am registered as in Independent? Perhaps the fact that  I marked that I dislike both candidates?

A nice young man called me to confirm my information and ask a few more questions. He was particularly interested in what it was I did before I became a "homemaker." Seriously? What was my job 25 years ago? Okay then. I stated I was available for three hours next Monday without giving it much thought.

The three hours? Yup. The debate. So, I'm going to get paid to watch something I'd watch anyway. I was telling my son, Ian, about this last night and he asked if they allowed cursing and shouting.  Ian has watched a few debates with me.  He suggested that I do like the one kid who plays Brick in that show "The Middle" does and whisper into my chest. I think it's going to go well.

Seriously, though, I'm looking forward to it. I hope they have a group with mixed opinions. It would also be very cool if we got to use those controller things that allow you to push buttons expressing like or dislike in real time. No matter what I am pretty sure there will be M&Ms and that is a good thing.  8)