cropped-a3de5-typewriter-bmp.jpgOkay - this is my 18th post for September and the month will be over in 23 minutes. I don't think I can hit 30 posts. In another world this would bother me a lot more than it does in this world. I really do like to accomplish what I say I'm going to do even if it means inconveniencing me and those around me. But, not quite as much as I used to like it. And, to think, I arrived at that conclusion without a single yoga class! 8) Still, September ended up being a good month. Andy is off to a very solid start with school with little if any snark. Going back to making soap has been awesome. I even got a chance to teach a friend how to make soap over the weekend. I am so thrilled that she loved it almost as much as I do. We have plans to try a couple of projects together in the future. It's not often you meet someone who has great enthusiasm for lye and things like super-fatting.

Bing, aka my mom, adopted a dog.  Gigi is a Boston Terrier/Chihuahua mix who was found by a rescue group on the streets. She is ridiculously cute - a Boston Terrier with a nose and a tail - it's funny stuff. She's about seven years old.  Clearly someone took very good care of her as she can follow many commands and is a polite little thing. She did pick up some bad habits during her stint in the 'hood but, I think with time and love she'll get even better. Bing loves the company. For some reason, I really want to dress Gigi up. I am seriously THAT girl-deprived I guess.  You know the lady who made the calendar of her sleeping baby (who messes with a sleeping baby?) where she arranged the baby in scenes from books and familiar songs? Next time Bing leaves town and I get Gigi - I have BIG plans!

Tim and Ian are thoroughly immersed in all things school and work.  I see Tim about as much as I see Ian despite the fact that Tim lives here - I mean right here in the house - and Ian is living in Tallahassee.  I miss them both but am very proud of them. Dan and Christi are doing great in Ann Arbor. Christi will finish graduate school in December and is all-school-all-the-time right now. Dan is accepting the fact that he's married to a musician and that television gets boring. He still enjoys his full-time job with an engineering firm but has resumed tutoring math and science as a way to fill the evenings when Christi has gigs and to pad their bank account.

Mike is still methodically working on his plan to get the yard back in shape. The parts he's done already look amazing. There is still a lot to do. Every weekend he discovers a new statue or plant or mini-garden. It's kind of crazy. Fun too. I think it's more fun for me because I'm not out there in the 95-degree heat "discovering" stuff. Left to my own devices, I'd pave it all.