A Night Out?

8e6c9-prom1950We rarely "do" date nights and yesterday was no exception. Instead, yesterday's plan was to meet friends for dinner after their kids' swim meet. So, it was me, Mike, another couple and two teenagers. (On our end, Tim was working and Andy had plans for Halloween Horror Nights.) We had a great time but there's no denying our "going out" days are mostly done. Here's a timeline:

  1. Waiting for friends to text that they are done. I send a series of texts with restaurant options. Mike starts shouting from another room "Have you heard anything yet?" I shout that I will text him as soon as I know anything.
  2. Fifteen minutes later . . . Mike come lumbering into my "office."   He announces that he left his phone on my desk. "Have you heard anything yet? I was out in the yard doing a few things." (He is absolutely drenched in sweat and he's wearing his crazy homeless guy hair.)
  3. I suggest a shower with promises to keep him up to date. I hear thumping and water running upstairs. Looking good so far.
  4. Mike appears again. "Is my phone working? Did you text?" I just stare.  The man I love is clean but he looks like an overgrown 8-year-old in plaid shorts and a gigantic Gator polo shirt. My head tells me to be kind and diplomatic. My mouth stomps that thought right the hell out. "Is THAT what you're wearing?" Much discussion and negotiation. Kept the shorts, toned down the shirt.
  5. Now, Mike is not the only insane one. I have it in my head that it is October. No mind that at 6 pm it is still 93 degreess and full humidity. I opt for jeans and a blouse I have been dying to wear since I found it back in May. I'm full in on fall so I add my favorite red loafers. If I only knew how to keep myself  from sweating.
  6. We're in the truck driving toward downtown Orlando debating restaurants via text. The sky looks like the end of the world. Both of our phones have been shrieking randomly. We turn up the radio. I test the truck's a/c to see if I can unwilt my stupid self.
  7. Arrive and meet up with our friends. The restaurant is awesome. If you're ever in Orlando, The White Wolf Cafe is a fun spot for drinks, brunch, lunch and/or dinner. I don't know about you but the last time I had Lobster Grilled Cheese for dinner was never! They offered a lot of local craft beer so Mike was in heaven.
  8. At some point, thank heavens we had the teenagers with us, the world began ending in, even for Orlando, a torrential rain. Suddenly phones all over the restaurant were going off, lights were flickering and we realized we probably should have checked our phones on the way over to the restaurant. Flooding, plagues and general unhappiness abounded. We kept eating and talking. For another hour!
  9. Mike insists our friends come with us to our car (street parking) because it's close and he had brought some of the beer he's been making to give to our friends. Umm...we were not parked close. The sidewalks were flooded. The teenagers rolled their eyes and opted to stay with their parents car which was just steps from the restaurant door. We made it and drove our soaked selves and friends back to the waiting teens.
  10. Driving home. Mike notes the late hour - it was 9:00. He worries that his wet clothes will cause a rash on the 20 minute drive home. I stare at him and wonder how this has happened. Seriously, HOW does this happen? I missed the transition.  And then we turn down the radio and talk about how much fun we had.  Going out, despite my night owl tendencies, has definitely changed. When we first started going out with our friends, it was 9:00 before we even decided to go somewhere.

And, there it is. What happens when "older" people go out.