I love when it all works out . . .

skull-of-matthewFor a hurricane weekend, we definitely ended up having WAY more fun than is probably appropriate.  And, I'm here to write about it. Bing and Gigi (her Boston Terrier/Chihuahua new-to-her dog) came to sit out the storm. Gigi, a rescue dog who spent some time on the streets alone, is slowly coming around. She and Cally (our dog) may never be best friends but they at least learned to ignore each other pretty well. For the people in the house, there was cake, pie, chips, soda, wine and beer. Really, what else do you need?  While I had Bing trapped in the house, I made her make soap. We made some pretty ones!

The next morning, we learned the storm had pretty much skipped us. Mike was antsy because it was too windy to be out doing yard work and he's not much for sitting around - especially with no Netflix or ESPN. So we opted for more cake, pie and snacks. When those ran out, Mike started cooking real food and Bing helped me with a fall wreath and some weird cobwebs I've been working on (pictures tomorrow). Andy set up my mom's new phone (delivery just happened to work out pre-storm) and showed her all kinds of stuff the new phone can do. I dunno - it was just a really nice couple of days.

Saturday was beautiful and sunny and a little cooler (85-ish - nearly sweater weather). We were invited to a pizza challenge that evening. The hosts provided pizza dough and each couple had to bring their topping. I left Mike to think about that and went and got my hair cut and then stopped into Goodwill simply because I could. Andy had been using my car lately and on Saturday he was occupied AND had a ride home. (If anyone knows how to get the "boy smell" out of a car, please share. I love Andy.  I used to love my car.)

BAM!!!!! Walked into Goodwill and there were two giant boxes containing a  12' Christmas tree.  It was like they were waiting for me. (The very first time I walked into this house I loved it because of the idea of having a GIANT tree in the entry. I soon found out how expensive those suckers are. But, I have never given up hope.) $40!!!!!!

28295But, and there's always a but . . . I didn't really think through how wide around a tree that tall is. Mike and Andy set it up for me this afternoon (because I was acting like a 3 year old and wouldn't stop talking about it). Behold the Griswold family Christmas tree.  It will fit in the hall but some rearranging will have to be done to accommodate the tree and it's ... wait for it... 2500 lights (that all work)!!!!!!  Rest assured, you will be hearing more about this behemoth.  Isn't it a scream!?!

And it doesn't end! Pizza night was a hoot! It's nice to find a group of people where things are easy - and funny. When you are all cooking together you learn an awful lot about people as well. There was no agreement on which pie won. I liked the one with peppers, onions, anchovies and really good mozzarella. (Don't tell Mike - that wasn't his. He did a muffalata (sp?) pizza - no thanks.)  Fun night. I always love seeing other people's houses. The hosting couple is originally from Venezuela but have lived all over the world. They had so much beautiful art from everywhere - oil paintings from Venezuela, icons from Bulgaria, Disney stuff and so much more. I loved hearing the stories behind some of them and hope to hear more.

20161010_014706Today, more soap lessons for a friend. It was lesson #3 and we were ambitious. We'll see how things come out of the mold tomorrow. I was confident we could do things quickly. My friend was less confident. I think she has a better understanding of how much talking goes on during and between soap batches. These are three we did. She went home with six more! Anyway, I'm so glad she showed up with frozen soup. We finished up the soap around 6:30. It was awesome to have soup, garlic bread and a salad to finish things off.  It's killing me now to see these soaps. We'll see in the morning.

Anyway ... for a hurricane weekend it worked out pretty well. I needed some time like this - I've been gloomy lately for no particular reason just blah. It's nice to reach the other side of the abyss.  ;)