I Should Know Better . . .

9265c-boredomIn my entire adult life, the minute I articulate the fact that I am bored my world changes. I did this (again!) and poof! life is busy in unanticipated ways. Last week we had the hurricane, soap lessons, a pizza party and then into school, practice and general life. Mike and I have committed to the "food team" for rowing this year. Neither of us is good at sitting staring at a lake or river for 8+ hours waiting for the 2-3 minutes we get to see Andy flash by.  Friday, I went to the team leader's house and peeled exactly 7,211 mandarin oranges, put 40 lbs of mozzarella into tiny cubes and diced pepperoni for hours. And, then we loaded the food trailer.  There is a lot that goes into feeding 200 kids for a day.

I came home and made bread and sausage balls. I'm an idiot, I put the sausage balls (all 150 of them) into a tupperware container that reeked of laundry detergent - I just didn't smell it because of my allergies. Those were a toss. The bread was a hit, though. Andy's boat placed 4th out of 21. The fall long distance races are weird. Even when you watch, you can't tell who's winning or not. Spring racing is much more fun to watch. Andy was happy so I'm happy.

Between rowing stuff, I've had a chance to spend time with my homeschool "homie" Jo who was visiting from Hawaii. Took Andy to our new, awesome dentist (we tried another local dentist - gah! DO NOT be afraid to get a second opinion. We did and we still saved $600.) Feeding people, soaping, visiting an awesome local farm for butter, marrow bones and some seriously delicious yogurt filled in the downtime.

This week is just as busy. I've spent Sunday, Monday and part of Tuesday sleeping and dealing with my stupid stomach. All is good now. Christi (the original girl-that-is-a-friend and daughter-in-law) turned 25 on Monday!!!!! How is that possible? Tomorrow, I get to see Kate! Andy is off to Valencia College to take tests to allow him to start classes in January. He's so excited though, I might be more excited. I am ALL done with homeschooling all day everyday.

Thursday and Friday will be spent on revising writing assignments and making food for the rowing picnic on Saturday. I'm also excited because my sister is coming to town and it feels like forever since I've seen her.

Ugh ... too much in one post. This is why I need to post everyday. I can break things into digestible bites. If you've read this far, thanks.  Now that I'm back up to speed I'll send shorter, more entertaining updates.