Road Trip!

2016 andy hoochSo excited. In a last minute turn of events, I am headed early, early this morning to Chattanooga, TN to watch Andy row in the Head of the Hooch regatta - the second largest regatta in the U.S. I'm bummed Mike can't come with me but, I'm also excited for a chance to travel on my own (Andy rides on the team bus). That doesn't happen too often. (Pic is last year's lightweight 8 with Andy in the front.) I was able to take over a hotel room (they're hard and expensive to come by this weekend) from parents who made other last-minute arrangements. I'll be in walking distance to everything which is awesome. I rarely get lost when I'm walking. I always get lost driving in new cities - ask anyone who has ever been in a car with me.

Andy is excited. He gained about 20 pounds over the summer and can no longer row on the lightweight boat. This year he and a friend will be rowing a two man boat. It's a new challenge and he has been having a blast at practice.  The team's 2-man boat is "vintage" at best. This week, a family who has rowers on the team offered Andy the use of their 2016 boat for this race. Short of giving two high school juniors brand new cars, you've never seen such excited young men. They took the boat out yesterday. Andy said it's like going from driving my old Suburban to driving a custom-made Ferrari. Should be fun to watch.

I'll try to remember to take pictures. I'm committed to working in the food tent for Saturday and Sunday but I'm free to wander Friday afternoon and evening! If you know of any must-sees or must-eats in Chattanooga please let me know.

Couldn't hurt to say a quick prayer my phone tells me the best way to get there and that I pay attention to the lady in the phone. 8)