I see shiny things . . .

76164-a_charlie_brown_thanksgiving-showI give up. I no longer have an attention span. Or a memory. Or a focus. I get things done but my younger self would be appalled at the way I flit from unfinished thing to unfinished thing. The chaos is disturbing. For now, I try to have something I'm working on in every room of the house. That way when I walk into any room and immediately forget why I'm standing there, I see the unfinished project, abandon whatever I had been doing previously and start on that. It's not pretty but I'm tired of fighting it. Things still get done - no one needs to watch the process. We're having Thanksgiving dinner here. I think it will be 26-28 people. I'm kind of excited because we sort of have room for them this year. Last year a bunch of people were only able to get seconds by crawling under their table to escape. This year, I've planned emergency food exits for everyone.

20161108_231026I've been on a quest for a table for the screened in porch. Our old IKEA table (which served us amazingly well for nearly 12 years) could not withstand a Florida summer's humidity and I'm pretty sure it's harboring some kind of mutant mold. Really. After the last rain storm, there was something orange growing where the laminate top had peeled off. Two weeks ago, I stopped by my favorite thrift store - which hasn't been kind to me lately - and low and behold - an awesome table for $18.18.  It's times like this that I miss the suburban. I could fit anything into that car. Mike came with the truck and picked it up for me.

20161112_205857The timing is perfect. We now have two very long tables for Thanksgiving and one six foot table. It won't be pinterest perfect but we'll all be able to sit together, shouting from end to end and hurling rolls back and forth. I think it will be fun. Like I do, I took an old, beat-up table and made it look older and more beat up. I kind of love it. It'll be my desk after the holidays and my current desk will return to porch duty. Hopefully, the garbage men will take away the moldy IKEA table.

20161110_184126While waiting for various layers of paint to dry on the table, I ventured into the Harry Potter closet under the stairs in search of my few Thanksgiving decorations. I had written the first chapter of Harry Potter on the little doors inside the closet when we first moved in but I've never been happy with them. So I started another project. Bonus? I could see the television from there so I binge-watched The Crown on Netflix while I worked on it. I think it's fun now.  And, I thought The Crown was really well-done - great casting.

20161120_223744In final preparation for Thanksgiving, Mike made some new benches to go with the "old" new porch table but which will also be perfect for the dinner. Mike built, I painted. I think we can squeeze four small-ish people onto each one. Add the other benches we have and that's 12-16 people. I think we have enough random chairs to fill in the rest. If not, I have lots of floor cushions.

I'm struggling to keep my focus on this post ... so much to write about and so much doesn't fit in this heading. Thanksgiving. Focus.  I'm kind of excited - we're doing Charlie Brown themed appetizers (in a grown up way) this year. Still have to figure out how to decorate that table but it should be fun. I think I might just find a yellow sheet and paint a black chevron on it and call it a tablecloth.

Dinner is pretty standard Thanksgiving fare. I'd be happy with stuffing and gravy. I'm pretty excited about the lasagna our old neighbors are bringing - Norman makes the best lasagna ever. And, we'll be having a mini-birthday party. Norman's mom, Miss Mary, will be celebrating her 88th birthday with us. Isn't that awesome? If you have any ideas on a good 88th birthday gift, let me know.

If I'm not back before then, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.