The plan is never the plan . . .

I'm still in Florida. As the wise Stephen King said (in Duma Key) "God punishes us for what we cannot imagine." As I'm sure you've gathered things here are weird and I can't provide details (not my story - I'm a bit player). Still, prayers all around would be welcomed by all of us. Honestly, I shudder when I recall I used to think having toddlers was hard. Send me your toddlers! (Actually, toddlers ARE hard. I just thought that once they were actual people it would get easier. Yeah, yeah. Shut up, Stephen King.) So, I am here and warm.  Here are more pictures of my Harry Potter tree. What a wonderful diversion this monstrosity has been. A little later I'm going to work on the Maurader's Map tree skirt.  Because I took them, the pictures are not great. Ian and Tim will both be here next week and I'm sure they can get better pictures.  In the meantime, I'd like to thank the sites that gave me inspiration and good instructions:  Over the Moon, Practically Functional (for the Sorting Hat) and EpBot.  I have learned so much from people who take the time to explain what they're good at (and even take pictures!).  I'm already thinking about what I want to add next year.

If you click on the picture it will tell you what you're seeing. Or you can use your imagination! It's all good.