Hey! Look! Shiny Things!

tony-sketchYes, it's been over a month since my last post. I've been busy-ish. It's weird now with Andy at the community college. Technically, I'm still a homeschool mom but in reality, my planner is dusty and it's unlikely a mummified chicken is in my future. ( Was that really 16 years ago?) January was time for me to regroup and think about what's next for me. It was also busy with rowing starting up again, Andy turning 17, a visit from my sister and my usual insane list of projects - painted our bedroom, bathroom and closet. This house is giving me major ladder skills.

The good news? It's no longer January. I still have no real plan - just vague ideas. The biggest thing going on right now is my upcoming trip to PARIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes. France. Baguettes. Berets. Fromage. Wine. You know, Paris. My mom and I are going to Paris and will be staying with Aunt Judy and Uncle Tony in a totally cute apartment. IN PARIS!  Judy and Tony lived in Paris when I was little. They know the city and visit every year or so. The link will take you to their blog that shows snippets of some of their Paris (and beyond) adventures. (The sketch above is Tony's. It won first place in a recent show. Look at his other work here.)

I've been working hard on my French, studying what people who are not total geeks wear when in Paris (no sneakers, lots of black), and trying to not bounce off the walls. I cannot believe I'm going. I'm so not a romantic but since my first French class in seventh grade I have loved all things French. Art, of course, but especially books. The Little Prince, Madame Bovary, Les Miserables (the musical is great but the book will make you sob) and even A Tale of Two Cities.

Since I'll be there with veterans of the city, I'm counting on them as far as things that must be seen. I'd be happy wandering the streets and trying to eavesdrop of people. I don't care that much what we do - I just want to be there. (Quick break while I run around the house squealing again.) Of course, if you have been there and have suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

Hope everything in your world is going well. Stay tuned for more frantic "I can't believe I'm going!!!!" posts.