How many to change a light bulb?

ian bing andy june 2017Fun? Ian showed up out-of-the-blue on Wednesday to take me out for a birthday dinner (a week early as he's going to Nashville to look for a new home next week).  How sweet is that? It was just me and Ian! Mike had a meeting and Andy was at practice. We had so much fun wandering around downtown Winter Garden.   I love when I get time alone with one of my boys. It's easy to forget how funny and unique they are.  Ian refuses to move back home but it was nice to get a night with him.  Isn't this just the best picture ever? While we were on our way home we got a funny text from my mom. A light bulb went out in her kitchen. The kitchen has really high ceilings.  She bought one of those sticks and got the old bulb out. The new one was NOT going in. My mom didn't know Ian was in town so I thought it would be fun to surprise her. We stopped at the house and grabbed Andy (who was home from practice) and went to Bing's to change a light bulb. Good thing she had wine. I dunno - it might not translate but it was an adventure.  Bing's kitchen is now astoundingly bright.

It's been a while  . . . we just haven't been too interesting lately. Well, I haven't been too interesting. I finally caught a break. Andy had to be in Sarasota at 10 am this morning for Nationals. He's an alternate. He's not thrilled but he recognizes that he has to be here. Just. In. Case. That left me on my own all day in Sarasota and now on my own in a hotel. Mike comes tomorrow. I figured I'd take advantage of the down time and catch things  up.

oo patchwork armoire drawerI've started a new website Overalls Overhauls. I love working on furniture and helping people figure out their houses. I love writing too. But, when it comes to earning money ... I am hoping this is a way to combine the two. It's a steep learning curve so just bear with me (or ignore me). Any way, I'll keep this blog up and the other one separate. If you're on Facebook, feel free to ignore the new site if it doesn't interest you.