Opinions, opinions, opinions

"That's is a beautiful chest. However by refurbishing it... It's lost its value as an antique and stripped of the stories it held. Whomever did this, did do a great job. But, myself personally and most people I know want things like that in original form. We want that rustic country look"

harry potter inside 1.jpg

We've all got opinions. My own are pretty strong. So are those of most of the people I know. It's what keeps life interesting. I'm always curious to see the reactions of others to my pieces. This man, browsing a farmhouse-style furniture site, left this comment under my beloved Harry Potter chest.  It's not a mean comment - just a comment. But, it got me thinking. 

One, if your true love is rustic, primitive furniture, why torture yourself on a site where nearly everything is going to have been painted or otherwise altered? Two, value is relative. The trunk I started with was at least 100 years old, probably older. For the age and lack of upkeep, it was in good shape. But, left as it was, it was of no use to anyone. Rusty nails, splintering wood, and chipping (lead based) paint were not only unattractive, they were down right dangerous. 

There were multiple ways I could have approached the trunk. All would have involved repairs and other actions that would have changed the "history" of the piece. I opted to go the Harry Potter route. I love Harry Potter and think it's a fun idea. Additionally, with my given skill set there was a very real chance I could have completely destroyed the trunk trying to replace hardware and leather straps. And, honestly, the wood was not good enough to attempt restoration. 

I have two more trunks out in the garage. I have not inspected them closely yet. How they end up being refurbished will depend on their starting condition, what I see selling in the world of trunks and probably my mood when I start. It's the same with every piece I do. My goal is to make pretty, functional furniture from vintage rejects. I am not scouring estate sales on a quest to destroy beauty and history. Cross my heart! 


Amy J Baker