Happy Halloween!

happy halloween.jpg

What are your Halloween plans? We had none until yesterday. I'm so excited a group of families that I've "known" forever through a homeschool website (we're talking 15 years!) are in town to see the theme parks. They are all coming for dinner and trick-or-treating (for the younger kids at least) tomorrow night! Yes . . . a normal person would be cleaning their bathrooms or something. Here I sit.  I cannot even wait for tomorrow and a chance for real life face-to-face time with them after all of these years. 

It's been insanely busy here with Andy back to full time school and rowing - thus no blog posts lately. I hope you'll check out the "For Sale" page -  I've been working like crazy and am adding new stuff as fast as I can. Remember, I can always refurbish a piece of furniture you already own or find a piece for you! Just send me a note. I have so much to do and that I want to work on . . . I keep trying to remember that I'm one person and there are only so many hours in a day. Not enough hours! 

2016 andy hooch.jpg

Andy is rowing in Chattanooga this weekend at the Head of the Hooch. (He is in the very bottom right of this picture - the one that looks like he's in a lot of pain LOL) I'm so bummed we're going to miss it this year. Chattanooga is a fun town. Andy's been working so hard - cross your fingers for him. He's racing in the Varsity 1 boat and a 4 man boat. 

Instead, Mike and I are headed to Alabama to visit his parents. AND to pick up some awesome furniture. I can't wait for you to see it all! 

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