Overalls, Overhauls - Sheesh!

I so want to get this business started. The internet is supposed to be my friend, right? The learning curve feels so steep! I'm working through it. I think. Logo. Brand. Staging. Photography. Hashtags. It's a lot. #I'm so old. And, as always, I'm on a shoestring budget. So frustrating. Still, progress is being made in fits and starts.

This week, I'm planning to finish up two projects - one of which is either really cool or really sad. Crossing my fingers for cool. . I am working on setting up a guest room in the house - think cottage dorm-room. I'm also working on finishing up a giant (kind of awesome) cabinet. The humidity here is around 94% - not ideal for painting or anything else. But, you have to work with what you have. 

I also had a revelation this evening as I was out working in the garage. It has never crossed my mind to do anything but roll up the legs of the overalls I wear all the time. I went rogue tonight and cut the legs off!  The breeze, the freedom ... the sadness that it's taken me this long to think of it.  I currently have four pairs of overalls. I think I'll make two summer and two winter. Who knew? Hashtag - overalls revived! I know that's not the right use of a hashtag - give me time.

Anyway, I hope you'll stick with me. I'm not looking to start an internet empire. I am just looking to gain a decent following of people who 1) are looking for unique pieces for their homes and 2) people who are looking to make their own unique pieces for their homes. There is nothing secret to what I'm doing - it's just a matter of how much time and effort you're willing to devote if you want to do it yourself or how much you are willing to pay for my time and effort. 

Okay - back to work. figuring out the blog thing on this website has been a challenge. I'm hoping this comes through okay and I can check that off of my endless list.  Or not. Sorry for the long, skinny post and giant picture. I'll figure it out. I will. Stick with me.

Happy Monday!