My love/hate relationship with this project

I was so surprised when I found this table just before Thanksgiving. It was in rough shape but I was planning to cover it - I just needed table space. We were hosting 30+ people for dinner and I really needed an extra table. I loved the size (and the leaf to make it bigger). I loved the curvy Queen Anne legs.

And, yet, after Thanksgiving, I could not make the table work in my house. I am not sure why. I think it's the curvy legs - but, honestly, no clue.  As you can see, the table worked just fine for our dinner!  The finish on the table is something I did for myself - think driftwood.  It's kind of awesome if you are a beachy/cottage-y person.  The chairs are solid and completely reupholstered - despite their distressed look.

For you DIY-er's - the table finish is a combination of sanding, chalk paint, latex paint and a wash of vinegar mixed with steel wool (soak for a day or two).  Not necessarily in that order. If you want to try it, I can check my notes and answer questions.