Rock-a-bye Baby

I found this awesome rocking chair about a week ago. It needs some work but it's so sturdy and sweet. Rocking chairs always make me think of babies. I love babies. Duh, who doesn't love a baby? I spent so much time with each of my four sons rocking and dozing. (I'm sure many of you would add singing to that description. In my case, I have a singing voice that makes even the happiest baby cry. I sing in my head - not out loud.)  Despite the fact that my own boys are now 24, 23, 23 and 17 it seems like not that long ago. That baby smell . . . ahhh.

This weekend all four of my own "babies" will be home. It's been over a year and I'm so excited for us all to be together! We'll have a couple of days on our own and on Saturday a big family & friends "Thanksgiving" cookout. Our oldest, Dan, hasn't been home for the past two Thanksgivings. Stuffing in July? Why not? 

I've been saving the rocking chair for my inevitable "crash" when the boys all go off to their own lives again. Once the structural repairs are made, what color would you paint it? Part of me leans to pink as I've never done a girl nursery. Another part of me leans blue because it's nostalgic. OR I could go with a faded aqua or yellow that would work for a girl or boy baby. And, then again, there's always a nice creamy white.  Any opinions? If so, please leave them in the comments. If you have opinionated friends that think about things like furniture, feel free to share. The more input the better.